People will pay more for bathroom items with added antibacterial coating

Consumers willing to pay more for antibacterial tiles

6th August 2019 - 08:00am
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A new survey by Irish coatings technology company Kastus has found that 94% of consumers would prefer to buy a tile with a germ-free protective coating, while 84% said they would be willing to pay extra for tiles with an antibacterial coating.

According to Kastus, by 2050 drug-resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide. The company’s survey found that 71% of people are “worried about bacteria on tiled surfaces, whether it’s a private or public space”.

The company added that the area in front of a kitchen sink is “one of the worst areas with traces of salmonella present in some cases”, while flushing the toilet can cause bacteria to become airborne and land on many surfaces.

Kastus’s survey – which questioned 1,000 UK consumers – found that close to three quarters of people still use antibacterial sprays to clean their kitchens and bathrooms, while 44% use antibacterial wipes instead of reusable cloths despite consumers becoming more committed to finding more eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

“Surfaces are exposed to a range of different bacteria each day, some good, some bad,” said Kastus founder and CEO John Browne. “You can’t choose where or when you’ll encounter bacteria, but we are all very aware of the growing dangers with these superbugs and are taking steps to combat the harmful germs we’re exposed to.

“This research is highly relevant to those involved in the manufacturing of tiles and has wide-ranging impact across a number of different sectors. What the research has clearly shown is that there is a resounding demand for a permanent, scientifically proven solution that protects against the spread of infectious germs.”