Hygiene heroes and Hinchers unite!

There’s a new weapon for your cleaning armory…


01 May 2019: bioarmor-nano for the home and electronic devices launches this month on Amazon and online at bioarmor-nano.com, offering a quick, easy and affordable method of keeping harmful bugs at bay.

Proven to be the first and only surface coating to continually reduce up to 99.99% of harmful microbes (including E. coli and MRSA, mold and fungus), bioarmor-nano’s wipe-on protective coatings guarantee an ultra-clean surface all day long for three months. This is thanks to a nano-sized active antimicrobial particle (silver) contained within the super thin liquid glass coating. Check out how it works.

Adding to an existing range of phone cases and screen protectors, bioarmor-nano has been developed on the back of research that found the average smartphone contains 10 times more germs than a toilet seat. Worrying yet unsurprising figures, when coupled with findings that a staggering one third of Brits claim to have never cleaned their phones.

The health implications of continually touching and holding surfaces infested with potentially harmful microbes close to your face are clear. Not only will it increase the likelihood of becoming unwell, experts also believe smartphones are ‘a really big source of skin contamination and skin problems, namely acne.’ Not good news for the selfie generation!

Other research also highlighted, despite being regularly wiped down, kitchen worktops contain an average of 1,736 bacteria per square inch. Meanwhile, bathroom taps and handles contain 50,068.

Not only is this bad news for your health, microbes in the home can also contribute to unpleasant odours.

John Shaw, founder of bioarmor-nano comments: “There’s nothing worse than unpleasant smells or unsightly bathroom mold. Or worrying about letting the kids touch surfaces where you’ve recently prepared raw meat. But the busy lives we lead mean we don’t always have the time we’d like to dedicate to keeping our homes spick and span.”

“And when it comes to electronic devices, if you think of how often we eat food while working at our computers, before touching the mouse or typing an email with dirty hands – or take our phones to the bathroom – it’s not really surprising that our tech is literally festering with thousands of invisible and potentially harmful microbes too.”

Yet by treating electronic devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and keyboards, as well as surfaces in the home, such as worktops, fridge draws, door-knobs, sinks, baths, tiles and taps, with bioarmor-nano, the problem is solved. Tech lovers can rest assured that their gadgets will remain clean as a whistle, while cleaning fanatics and busy mums and dads alike can throw away the antibacterial spray, say sayonara to nasty smells and enjoy cleaner homes with less effort. 

bioarmor-nano products are backed by independent research, approved by BAUA, BPA (EPA approval pending) and are manufactured to ISO standards. To view and purchase the full range, please visit: Amazon.co.uk or click here to purchase from our website.

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