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Bioarmor manufactures a range of tough & durable surface coatings. 


Independently laboratory tested to be up to 99.9% effective in reducing surface growth of Bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA & E.coli) & Viruses (Coronavirus). Suitable for most hard, non-porous surfaces - once applied & dry stays in place on the surface reducing microbial activity on a 24/7 basis for up to ONE full year.  

The active ingredient is a QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUND (QUAT) and works by 'electrocuting' the harmful surface germs.

It works by laying down millions of sword-shaped molecules, forming a positively-charged barrier on a surface. Through polar attraction, this undetectable layer pulls in the negatively charged microbes, puncturing and electrocuting them. This electro-mechanical killing method works over and over for long periods without losing effectiveness, washing off, or leaching to other surfaces, due to its stable, double covalent bond to the surface. Once the area impacted by dead microbes is cleaned, the surface is automatically recharged and ready to go again!

The coating remains on the original surface FOR ONE FULL YEAR - killing 99.9% of bacteria & microbes that land on it 24/7.


This Bioarmor formula has been developed for natural wooden surfaces to gain hydrophobic and oleophobic properties against common liquids and stains whilst giving easy-to-clean effect.

Suitable For:
Absorbent, Porous & Natural Wooden Surfaces

Do NOT apply the product on surfaces including:
Lacquered, Painted or Artificial Wooden Surfaces
Thermosets & Thermoplastics
Mineral Surfaces


Bioarmor's water repellent spray for upholstery & fabrics. With ta similar hydrophobic and 'Easy Clean' effect as our other coatings, Bioarmor's upholstery & fabric protects your textiles from accidental spillage and damage from staining. Ideal for use on carpets, rugs, cushions & other fabric items.

Wine spills? N0 problem! Food Spills - No Problem! Some added protection from colour fading.


 Bioarmor's GRAFFITI GUARD provides a transparent nano layer coating that's been specifically developed to reduce the effects of graffiti makes it easier to remove on non-porous, hard surfaces including:

Glazed Natural Stones (Marble, Granite etc.)
Metals & Alloys
Thermosets & Thermoplastics




Protective Surface Coating for your Home glass, tile & treated stone worktops & splash-backs.

An easy to apply, water repellent spray that protects bathroom and kitchen ceramic, worktops and glass surfaces, helping to protect the original surface from minor damage also reduces the effect of lime, moss, fungus, and stains. Gives Easy Clean effect.

* Cleaning the kitchen after a baking session takes minutes rather than hours.

* No scrubbing needed - your bathroom is clean again with just a cloth & a splash of water.

* Easily wipe off smudges on floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors.

* Reduction of water spots and stains to rub off your exterior windows. 

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