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The NutriKane range of products were developed by first gaining a firm understanding of the Modes of Action (how the products interact with the body’s natural biochemistry) and then testing for specific outcomes in scientific and clinical trials.

Unlike supplements and health foods that aim to merely make a person more healthy in general, ‘Food as Medicine’ is designed on the principle that taking a controlled dose of certain foods will generate a specific result. Our two flagship products have been shown to manage blood sugar (glucose) levels (BSL) and relieve constipation both in hospitals and in the general population. This work is continuing, and even more effective products will be developed over the next several years.

 The medical benefits of the NutriKane product range have now been extensively trialled both scientifically and medically and are now peer-reviewed and validated.

 Pharmaceuticals are designed to force specific biochemical reactions (pathways) in the body or to destroy specific pathogens or cellular functions. This approach is very successful when treating pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) or to remove specific dangerous cells. However, forcing pathways comes with risk, as it can also cause the body’s biochemistry to do things it would not otherwise do. This is what causes side effects and adverse events. To date, pharmaceuticals have also lacked the broad reach required to successfully manage metabolic diseases. It is well established that the only consistently successful strategy for managing metabolic syndrome and high BSLs is diet and exercise.

 'Food as Medicine' treatments are designed to supply the body with the resources and nutrients needed to improve natural function and manage inflammation. Rather than forcing a single pathway, the NutriKane product range uses multiple modes of action to subtly adjust many pathways all at once, increasing overall efficacy and resulting in metabolic improvements. 'Food as Medicine' and pharmaceutical therapies are complementary treatments; pharmaceuticals often work better and have less side effects when a 'Food as Medicine' is applied as an adjunct therapy. This has been shown with NutriKane products.

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