About Us

  • BIOARMOR® Is a manufacturing company specialising in antimicrobial, antibacterial & anti-viral consumer products. Our current product line is lab tested 120nm thin 'active' coatings & textiles that provide long-lasting antimicrobial, antibacterial & anti-viral* protection to the treated surface. This layer provides you with an added layer of anti-microbial surface defence that works round the clock - 24/7.
  • In the wake of the current pandemic there's a huge upsurge in interest of the need to protect our businesses, homes, products and devices from the effects of harmful microbes that target & multiply on the surfaces. . Our antimicrobial coatings ensure that there are no longer any germs, bacteria and viruses lurking on your surfaces. Designed for use on any hard, non-porous surface - even whien you're travelling or on-the-go. 
  • No, not all germs are harmful but why not have bacteria/virus free surfaces if you can? WIth bioarmor you get a reliable layer of surface protection.. Advice from the ROYAL SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC HEALTH  https://www.rsph.org.uk/our-work/policy/infection-control/too-clean-or-not-too-clean.html strongly recommends that we keep our homes & workplaces as free from harmful bacteria as possible.
  • A great additional layer of antimicrobial defence

An amazing <150 nanometers thin - less than 1/500th the thickness of a human hair.

This coating has been approved for sale throughout Europe via the Biocidal Products Register (BPR). We also have a current EPA number for the actual nanosilver we use in the coating.

We have tested to:

ISO 21702:2019 for human coronavirus & Phi6 Bacteriophage


ISO 22196:2011 on 90 day efficacy & Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA & E-coli.

Cloth tested to ISO20743:2011


Bioarmor is a registered trademark of BIOARMOR INTERNATIONAL  LTD a company origianlly registered in the UK on the 6th November 2013 number 8764042 as Bioarmor Europe Ltd.