Why Bioarmor



Help to reduce the amount of plastic containers you use.

Our in-house surveys showed 42 out of 50 people surveyed purchased an anti-bac product in each weekly shop - That's around 360 bottles and/or hundreds of wipes per year - required to replace each single 360 day bioarmor sprays!

  • We have reacted to the growing concern over the amount of nasty germs & viruses known to be found on most household, office & day-to-day surfaces such as: household items, gadgets, 'tech' and our surroundings when we travel.
  • COST EFFECTIVE PROTECTION. With our products expected to retail at under £50 our protection works out at under 10p per day!
  • Bioarmor surface coatings are an inexpensive way to keep surfaces protected lond term & can be cleaned of daily drips & spills with a detergent or damp cloth.
  • Suitable for most substrates/surfaces found in our daily lives and with European compliance Bioarmor® anti-microbial coatings have been proven to provide an ultra-clean surface protection with up to 99.9% efficacy from harmful microbes and works 24/7 giving up to 360 days continual protection with ONE SINGLE application.
  • We're talking constant, germ-killing surface action with minimum effort - ONE SINGLE APPLICATION WILL LAST FOR UP TO 1 YEAR - which us way more sensible than antibac sprays or cleaning wipes that you have to use many times a day - every day - over a 1 year period. Why not clean smarter - not harder?
  • No matter how clean you are, your home and your devices are exposed to multiple types of microbes each day. Now you can have Bioarmor® battling harmful bacteria for you 24/7.
  • Quarterly Silane is the new active ingredient in Bioarmor® anti-microbial technology. 
  • Each production run is batch-tested, tested & certificated and manufactured to ISO STANDARDS.
  • Bioarmor-Nano® anti-bacterial properties have been laboratory proven to provide an ultra-clean surface protection with up to 99.9% efficacy from harmful bacteria.

    Bioarmor® isn't only tough on bacteria, it's invisible coating also protects your home surfaces, home products & your expensive mobile devices from minor abrasions,scratches and knocks.